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What is Asian 1000 Live Music Spots

Thank you for visiting “Asian 1000 live music Spots”

My name is Yoshi Rock, the administrator of this website.

In this site I introduce about Live Music Spot in Southeast Asia (Mainly Jakarta, Thailand)

There are a lot of information from little bars, high-end nightclubs and Karaoke bars.

Not only to enjoy the music while drinking, but also share the unique content that introduces the sport from the perspective of enjoying a jumping session (JAM) as player and review it with my opinion.

Spot/Shop’s review points are from my opinions.

Along with the introduction of spots, I’ll also share information about my ecperiences obtained from my own session activities (JAM), unique southeast Asian episodes in Thailand, Indonesia and many more.

This site is not a nightlife for men, but sThe shop of the kind comes out often relatively (LOL), and would be nice if it would be helpful to you. (For you who expecting something like that, I tagged shops in that category with ♥ lol)

For those who are interested, such as the band situation in South Asia and live music bar (spot), I am glad if you browse my site.

Your comments, thoughts, and questions are also welcome!
Thank you!